I’ve finally gone and done it–I’ve started a blog. I’ve had online journals before, but mostly to write about my life and personal happenings. I’ve always been a bit too careful about what I wrote…I didn’t want to offend anyone. And so, I stayed away from writing about the things I am most passionate about–the things I rant and rave to my husband or my best friend about…the blogs I wrote in my head but never had the nerve to post. I often spoke this way in every day life, as well–sometimes tiptoeing around things and not quite sure how to say what I thought. Frankly, I’m tired of it. More than one friend or family member has noted my increased boldness as of late–I’ve even lost friends over it–people who liked me better when I was quiet and therefore assumingly always agreed with them. As I become more vocal about my thoughts and beliefs, I realize that writing is a calling for me. It’s something I need to do, and it’s something I can no longer ignore.

The idea of writing a blog that actual people read–people who are not my family or close friends–is, albeit, a little frightening. The idea of stirring up controversy and debate, or having trolls spout off mean-spirited comments on my page–is a bit uncomfortable to me. But alas, this is also part of my new mantra: to do that which makes me slightly uncomfortable. To push myself beyond that comfort zone. As one friend said recently…not to let fear consume me, but to release it.

I am who I am, and I am unapologetic. And so, welcome to Making Life From Scratch. Come along, so we can learn as we go.